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In 1943, the Maryland Legislature passed an Act creating Maryland's Forest Conservancy District Boards. There are 24 such Boards in Maryland, one in each county and one in Baltimore City. Members are appointed by the Director of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service and serve three-year terms. The Boards act as advocates of sound forest management practices and promote conservation of Maryland forest resources. Boards are involved in educational activities, planting of school forests, timber harvest plan review, and other activities.



Maryland?s Forestry Boards can be an effective ally for local governments and landowners who are concerned with the conservation and stewardship of public and private forest resources, and can offer valuable insight and advice on forest management issues. Because the Boards are county-based, individual Boards can develop a keen understanding and awareness of local issues associated with conservation and management of our forest resources. Each year the Boards, along with the MD Department of Natural Resources, sponsor a workshop for high school students who contemplate pursuing careers in resource management. The Natural Resources Career Camp provides a week-long opportunity for students to learn by working directly with professional resource managers. Here they can gain insight into the complexities of managing Maryland s vital natural resources.


One of the CCFCDB projects is creation of the Cecil County Big Tree Database within the Maryland Big Tree Program data. Trees are measured through a combination of trunk diameter, height, and branch spread. The list of Cecil County s largest registered trees will be available here, along with a printable nomination form for trees which are believed to be at least 70% of the total score of the state champion of the species (a minimum of 70% of the state champion score makes a tree eligible to be listed in the database). The county list is constantly changing as listed trees die, new trees are added, and existing listed trees are re-measured.







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